Cemetery Activities

The cemetery contains a wealth of local, national and international history, art and craftsmanship, and trees, flowers and wildlife.

The Cemetery Trail

Download the Robin trail here and follow the clues which will take you from the dead house in Dean Road cemetery to the Secret Garden. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so that you can answer the questions. Don’t do the trail on your own…take an adult with you.

image description

You can check your answers here, but no cheating…wait until you’ve done the trail! Give your sheet to a teacher or parent to check and get your Children’s University passport stamped.


Our education pack has been designed to link with Primary School National Curriculum (Key Stages 1 and 2) There are teachers’ notes and worksheets based on the cemetery. They can also be used by families for activities in the cemetery which enable young people to appreciate this wonderful open space. The pack is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.
Download the education pack
Download the Secret Garden poster
Download the Mortuary poster
Download the Wildlife poster


As part of the Heritage Lottery funded project a guided walk was developed. You can download a leaflet about the walk, with information about the lives of people buried in the cemetery and a map to help you find their headstones. Download the leaflet.

Have you ever wondered how to find the memorial to Sixth Officer James Paul Moody, who went down with the Titanic? Download the Titanic trail, which will take you to it.


There are three permanent orienteering courses in the cemetery. Download the instruction sheet and maps for the short, medium and long courses here.

Information sheet (Word Document)
Short course (PDF format)
Medium course (PDF format)
Long course (PDF format)