REED, Edward Ruston


Rank: Able seaman

Year of death: 1916

Date of birth: 14/05/1894

Date of death: 31/05/1916

Place of death: Killed in action against German fleet in the North Sea (Battle of Jutland)

Service number: I/2209

Regiment: Royal Navy ship HMS Invincible

Medals: Victory and British war medal

Cemetery location: Dean Road Cemetery ref EB 16

Where remembered?:
Portsmouth Naval Memorial, panel 13
Oliver’s Mount War Memorial

Biographical Information

Edward was born in Scarborough on the 14/05/1894 the second son of William and Mary Jane Reed. He was baptised into the Anglican faith at St. Mary’s Church on June the 13th 1894. The service was taken by W H Griffith the curate. The family lived at 44, Hoxton Road.

Edward appears for the first time on the 1901 census. The family then lived at 52 Hoxton Road. His father,William, was a cab proprietor. Edward at 6 years old was one of six children having two brothers Thomas and Frederick and three sisters Mabel, Daisy and Lilly.

Edward does not appear on the family census for 1911 as by then he was away from home and at sea. He was counted by the navy along with “Officers and Crew and Royal Marines on Board at midnight on Sunday April ( date not given ) 1911. On this form listed under the heading “rank” Boys 1st class (military)” number 15 is
Edward R Reed aged 16, of St. Mary’s Scarborough Yorks,religion Wesleyan. There were 28 boys in this category aged 16 and 17 years.

At the age of 18 he enlisted in Portsmouth. His papers tell us his place and date of birth. They also tell us his previous occupation was as a “grocer’s messenger “. The date of his enlistment was the 14/05/1912 and he signed on for 12 years. We also know he was 18 years old, five foot six and a half inches tall (growing to five foot eight and a half ) his chest was 34 inches ( to 361/2) his hair and eyes were dark his complexion ruddy and he had no wounds or scars. Among other ships he served on Ganges, Donegal, Jupiter and Invincible. He died on the 31/05/1916 and his papers state he was killed in action and was paid a war premium. Edward was serving on Invincible when it was sunk during the battle of Jutland. The ship blew up,the flames engulfing the entire vessel which sank rapidly giving little time for escape. Out of a crew of1,031 only 6 survived.

Edward is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, panel 13, also on Oliver’s Mount War Memorial and the family grave in Dean Road Cemetery ref EB 16

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