Garfield Road – Wildlife Bed

In 2011 we were successful in an application to the Big Lottery Fund and set about the transformation of a 180 metre long defunct bed in Dean Road cemetery. The Garfield Road Wildlife Bed colour leaflet tells how the project unfolded, and can be downloaded here.


The Gladstone Road Gardening Club

Gladstone Road Junior School gardening club planted seeds in the poly tunnels in Manor Rd nurseries, pricked them out, and then planted them in the wildlife bed. The candytuft and nigella are flowering beautifully, and the forget-me-not and foxgloves will come into their own next spring.

The whole of year 3 at the school took home a flowerpot planted with nasturtium seeds, looked after them until they were big enough to plant, and then planted them in the bed.

Two group members went into school and talked to the four year 3 classes about the work of the Friends in the cemetery. The children asked some very interesting questions and showed that they are very keen to keep the cemetery a beautiful place.

Scarborough sea cadets helped with planting trees, shrubs and plants on a very hot day in April. We even had Her Maj come to view it!

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